Boston Logan Airport Parking Guide

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Whether you’re flying out of Boston’s Logan Airport or picking someone up, you need to know where to park. Plan where you’ll park and learn more about the Logan Airport rates for parking to prepare for your visit. Planning will eliminate some stress at the airport and let you focus on reuniting with friends and family or heading out on your travels. From the prices of parking at Boston Logan Airport to additional tips to help your travels, you’ll find it all in this Boston Logan Airport parking guide.


As you plan your trip, your first question might be, “How much does parking cost at Boston Logan Airport?” Remember that these prices may change, and the airport can offer the most up-to-date details. Find Logan Airport rates for parking long-term, short-term and economy below.

Boston Logan Airport Parking Guide

Long-Term Parking

If you’ll be away for a while, you’ll need to park your car for at least a day, likely longer. Boston airport parking rates for long-term parking are as follows:

  • One day and zero to six hours cost $57.
  • One day and six to 24 hours cost $76.
  • Additional days cost $38.
  • Zero to six hours on an additional day cost $19.

Short-Term Parking

Perhaps you’re bringing someone to their flight and only need short-term parking. Boston Logan Airport parking prices for short-term parking are as follows:

  • The first hour costs $8.
  • One to two hours cost $21.
  • Two to three hours cost $26.
  • Three to four hours cost $30.
  • Four to seven hours cost $34.
  • Seven to 24 hours cost $38.

Economy Parking

For cheap parking at Logan Airport, you may consider economy options. The costs for economy parking at Boston Logan Airport are as follows:

  • The first hour costs $8.
  • One to two hours cost $20.
  • Two to three hours cost $22.
  • Three to four hours cost $25.
  • One day costs $29.
  • One day and zero to six hours cost $44.
  • Additional days cost $29.
  • Zero to six hours on an additional day cost $15.


Look at the Logan Airport parking map to plan your visit. As you explore the map, it helps to know what terminal you’re picking someone up from or flying out of. You can also research whether any on-site parking options are temporarily closed. With that in mind, you can pick which parking area would be best for you from the on-site locations below.

Boston Logan Airport Parking Guide

Logan Airport Central Parking Garage

Follow signs for the Logan Airport Central Parking Garage from the inbound roadway. The Central Parking Garage provides easy access to all terminals at the airport. Inside the garage, you’ll find signs directing you where to park to be closest to your terminal.

Boston Logan Airport Parking Guide

Terminal B

Follow signs for the Terminal B Garage from Boston Logan Airport’s inbound roadway. This garage sits between sides of Terminal B, giving you convenient access to the various gates at this terminal.

Boston Logan Airport Parking Guide

Terminal E

If you’re departing from Terminal E or picking someone up from there, the Terminal E parking area provides a convenient spot. Note that Lot 2 in Terminal E converts to overflow parking if necessary. When it’s in use, parking attendants will direct you on where to go.

Boston Logan Airport Parking Guide

Logan Airport Economy Parking

The Logan Airport Economy Parking Garage is on-site, but it’s away from the airport’s terminals, which is why it offers inexpensive rates. You’ll find the two-deck garage at the intersection of Service Road and Prescott Street. Follow the signs for this parking option from the inbound roadway.

Walking from the Economy Parking Garage to Terminal E would take around 20 minutes. For those who are in a hurry or want to skip the walk, Economy Parking offers a shuttle service. The service returns every 15 to 20 minutes and is available 24 hours a day.

Boston Logan Airport Parking Guide


There are a handful of off-site parking options near Logan Airport. When you park somewhere off-site, facilities often offer a lower fee, a shuttle service to the terminals and other services. Park Shuttle & Fly is the closest parking choice for Boston Logan Airport. Our shuttle ride only takes two minutes. That’s quicker than parking in some on-site spots and walking to your terminal.


While shuttle services from the Economy Parking Garage at the airport run on a 15- to 20-minute rotation, shuttles with Park Shuttle & Fly are on demand. That means once you’re ready, you can request a shuttle to take you right to your terminal. Most of the time, we have shuttles ready and available to transport you. If not, it’ll only be a five- to 10-minute wait for your ride. Along with a short wait for your shuttle, we also offer the following.

Boston Logan Airport Parking Guide

  • Luggage assistance: Have a heavy bag or multiple suitcases to manage? Let us help you load your luggage on board. That’s just one way we provide you a convenient and comfortable ride.
  • Universally accessible vehicles: If you or someone you’re traveling with have specific needs, we can arrange for an adaptive vehicle to transport you.
  • Space for luggage: No need to cram into a crowded shuttle when you park with us. Our roomy shuttles provide a quick and comfortable ride.


The best way to get discounts on Boston Airport parking rates is to park off-site. You can also look for coupon codes online for various parking options, including on-site or off-site parking.


For a better on-site parking experience, here are a few more tips to help plan your travels or pickup.

  • Keep track of your ticket: The airport charges a lost parking ticket fee of the applicable parking charges, plus $5.
  • Don’t park at the curb: None of the terminals at Boston Logan Airport allow curbside parking.
  • Ask for help: If you’re parking at the airport, attendants are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions.
  • Consider frequent flyer programs: Boston Airport parking rates include a Gold Parking Express program. You’ll get parking privileges, even if the garage is full.


If you want to prepare more for your trip out of Boston Logan Airport, explore the frequently asked questions below and find answers to your concerns.

Can I Charge My Electric Vehicle at Logan Airport?

Boston Logan Airport offers spots for alternatively fueled, electric and hybrid cars. The airport also has over 20 charging stations for electric vehicles.

Does Logan Airport Offer Complimentary Services?

When you park at Logan Airport, you may receive complimentary jump-starts, help finding your lost car, help if you get locked out of your car and air for a deflated or flat tire.

For more services with your parking needs, consider Park Shuttle & Fly. In addition to a rewards program, we offer vehicle detailing services for an extra fee and online reservations with no deposit required. Among our complimentary services are luggage assistance and a valet, meaning you won’t have to walk around to find your car after a tiring flight.

How Early Should I Arrive at Boston Logan Airport?

The airport recommends arriving two hours before domestic flights and three hours before international flights. That’ll give you enough time to check in, go through security and make it to your gate. If you’re parking off-site or in Economy Parking, be sure to account for the time it will take the shuttle service to bring you to your terminal. If you park your car with Park Shuttle & Fly, your shuttle ride will only be three minutes, so there won’t be much to factor in.

How Long Can I Leave My Car at Logan Airport?

You can leave your car at the airport for anywhere from hours to weeks. The longer you leave the vehicle, the higher your parking fee will be.

Should I Park My Car at the Airport or Off-Site?

For your comfort and your budget, you may prefer to park off-site and take a shuttle to your terminal. You’ll also avoid having to walk from a parking garage to your terminal when you park off-site because these facilities offer shuttle services.

Boston Logan Airport Parking Guide


Logan’s Original Park Shuttle & Fly Since 1975 would be happy to help you park for your travels or reuniting with loved ones. We offer short-termlong-term and economy parking off-site with speedy shuttle services to Logan Airport. If you travel often, become a Parking Rewards Member to accumulate points and earn one free day of parking.

Book a reservation today for Boston Logan Airport parking with Park Shuttle & Fly.

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