Cleaning and Detailing Services at BOS

There’s nothing like coming home from a long trip and being able to go right from the plane to your car and then head home – except maybe going right from your plane to a freshly detailed car, fully cleaned and waxed while you were away. If you don’t have time to have your car professional cleaned during the normal workweek, travel time is the perfect time to get it done. If you like the idea of cleaning and detailing services performed on your car while you’re away from Boston, consider reserving a park and fly Boston off-site parking spot with Park Shuttle & Fly.

Park Shuttle & Fly for Off-Site Logan Airport Parking

In operation for more than 40 years, Park Shuttle & Fly is one of the most popular ways to travel to and from Boston’s Logan Airport. Park Shuttle & Fly’s lot is close to the airport, on the right side of the drawbridge, has a secure, enclosed facility patrolled by security cameras and now offers a suite of cleaning and detailing services.

Cleaning and Detailing Services With Park Shuttle & Fly

auto detailing packagesYou’ll love the cleaning and detailing services you get from Park Shuttle & Fly, and you get three options to choose from. The budget options is $89 and comes with an exterior hand wash and polish of the vehicle and tires, along with interior window cleaning and deep vacuuming.

If you want to go the extra mile, for a little bit more you can get the same service plus shampooing of the carpets, mats and seats, and cleaning and conditioning of the interior, for $109.

Finally, there’s the full service for $179.00, which includes compound, waxing and polishing the vehicle; cleaning and polishing the tires; deep vacuum of the interior; shampooing the carpets, mats and seats; and cleaning and conditioning the interior.

Cars are moved for detailing to our fully insured, partner detailing shop and returned upon completion to our secure parking lot. Please contact us today with any questions regarding this.

Pay for Detailing with Your Parking Points

Park Shuttle & Fly allows parking rewards members to pay with points for all detailing packages. Check your parking points to see if you are eligible for a detailing package.

Detailing Package Option 3 – $179 value – 2500 rewards points
  • Exterior Hand Wash & Polish of Vehicle & Tires
  • Interior Window Cleaning
  • Compound Waxing & Polishing
  • Cleaning & Polishing Tires
  • Deep Vacuum of Interior
  • Shampooing Carpet, Mats & Seats
  • Cleaning & Conditioning of Interior

Detailing Package Option 2 – $109 value – 1500 rewards points
  • Exterior Hand Wash & Polish of Vehicle & Tires
  • Interior Window Cleaning
  • Deep Vacuuming of Interior
  • Shampooing Carpet, Mats, & Seats
  • Cleaning & Conditioning of Interior

Detailing Package Option 1 – $89 value – 1000 rewards points
  • Exterior Hand Wash & Polish of Vehicle & Tires
  • Interior Window Cleaning
  • Deep Vacuuming

How to Take Advantage of Park Shuttle & Fly Cleaning and Detailing Services

If the cleaning and detailing options available to you through Park Shuttle & Fly are appealing, it’s very simple to arrange them for your car. Just go to the Booking a Reservation page for Park Shuttle & Fly, and input your travel dates. Then click the quote button.

hand washing a car

The next step is to choose the standard parking or convenient prepay option. Once you’ve made this choice you’ll be taken to the services page. Here’s where you’ll choose your preferred detail package option. Just click to select the one you like and continue with the process.

After this, you’ll provide some data about you and your car, review your information and secure your reservation. Bring your confirmation email to the lot on the scheduled day and get a claim check. When you return, present your claim check for your beautifully cleaned and detailed car!

Whether you’re looking to have your car detailed or not, Park Shuttle & Fly is a great choice for off-site airport parking in Boston. To find out more, ask any questions or learn about the lucrative rewards program, contact Park Shuttle & Fly today.