Is It Safe to Fly Out of Boston Logan Airport After COVID-19?

Is It Safe to Fly Out of Boston Logan Airport After COVID-19? 

The majority of airports throughout the United States and around the world have faced a drastic reduction in the number of passengers and flights due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. With states beginning to open back up, airports such as Boston Logan Airport are closely following the ongoing pandemic situation and making the necessary changes to follow federal, state and local guidelines to allow passengers to safely resume traveling.

Ongoing Coronavirus Travel Restrictions to Keep in Mind in Massachusetts

On March 27, the state of Massachusetts issued a travel advisory encouraging all travelers to self-quarantine for 14 days. 

This advisory was updated on July 1 to exempt those traveling from the following states from the self-quarantine rule:

  • New York
  • New Jersey 
  • Connecticut 
  • Rhode Island 
  • Maine 
  • Vermont 
  • New Hampshire 

Massachusetts continues to encourage only those with essential business needs to use the airport. 

What the TSA Is Doing to Protect Travelers When Flying

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), in conjunction with government agencies, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and medical professionals, has made adjustments in airports to ensure the security and safety of workers and travelers. 

Those traveling to and from Boston Logan Airport can expect adjustments such as allowing one hand sanitizer per passenger in a carry-on bag. Travelers can also expect lower TSA checkpoint travel numbers as airports continue adjusting and easing restrictions.

What Precautions Is Boston Logan Airport Taking to Keep Flyers Safe?

Boston Logan Airport is dedicated to helping you fly safe and healthy during these uncertain times. Various precautions have already been implemented to prioritize the health and safety of all employees and passengers.

Specific precautions include:

  • Enhanced cleaning with anti-viral products 
  • Required face masks/coverings for all employees and passengers 
  • Touch-free sanitizer stations 
  • Blocked gate seats to encourage social distancing 
  • Clear plastic shields in high-traffic areas 
  • Signage with safety reminders 
  • Hands-free boarding 

Travel Safely With Park Shuttle & Fly

Park Shuttle & Fly has done our part to create a safe environment for those requiring 24/7 shuttle services and offsite parking when traveling to and from Boston Logan Airport. 

From requiring face coverings to daily employee temperature checks, we’ve added many new procedures to reduce the transmission of the coronavirus and create a safe and healthy environment for our employees and customers. 

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