Words of Advice From a Frequent Flyer


Posted On: May 29th, 2020   Author: Renee Ciaramella

If you’re a jet setter who’s off to explore foreign lands regularly, you’re what is considered a frequent traveler. If flying isn’t something you do regularly, you may not feel as confident navigating flights and airports. We’ve compiled some of the best hacks from a frequent flyer so you can take some tips from a pro and make your next trip easier and less stressful.

Words of Advice From a Frequent Flyer


Frequent travelers have the advantage of trial and error to refine their travel hacks. Here are 15 frequent flyer tips and tricks that have been earned through experience to use on your next flight:

1. Be Flexible

If you’re able, be flexible with your travel dates. Flights are cheaper on certain days of the weeks and even at certain times of the day, so if you’re not crunched for time, consider browsing flexible dates to see if you can score better airfare.

2. Book Overnight Flights

Long-haul flights can feel shorter if you book an overnight trip. This frequent flyer hack lets you avoid rush-hour airport crowds and potential delays that come with them. This is an especially good idea if you’re able to fall asleep on planes. You won’t miss much of a night’s sleep, allowing you to arrive at your destination refreshed and in great time. Because you’ll arrive during the day, you’re less likely to experience jet lag when you go explore the city.

3. Check One-Way Flights

Round trips aren’t always the most cost-effective option, especially if you plan to visit multiple cities in your travels. One-way tickets are sometimes cheaper, and you can book your return flight back from whichever city you plan to end your trip in.

4. Add a Stopover

It may seem odd to suggest extending your travel time, but if you’re not able to vacation as often as you’d like, this is one of the best frequent flyer tips for you. Many airlines offer free stopovers in major cities, allowing you to explore an additional city en route to your final destination. These stopovers are often free or a fraction of the price of flying to that city separately. Some airlines even offer accommodations for longer stopovers.

Words of Advice From a Frequent Flyer

5. Check In Online

Online check-ins are becoming more common, but many don’t take advantage of this time-saving frequent flyer hack. Instead of waiting in long lines for hours, check in online on your phone or computer. Most airlines also offer electronic boarding passes so you can show up at the airport and go directly to the security line. If you prefer a printed boarding pass, see if you can print a copy at home or look for self-serve check-in kiosks to print a pass at the airport.

6. Avoid Checking Baggage

If you’re going on a shorter trip, try to avoid checking any baggage. This can save you time and also means you have fewer things to worry about. Pack efficiently with just the essentials, and see if you can fit them into a carry-on. Some airlines allow two pieces of carry-on luggage — suitcase and a personal item so if a small suitcase isn’t enough room, use a backpack as your personal item to fit more things in.

7. Bring an Empty Water Bottle

Since there are restrictions on how much liquid each person is allowed, you’re better off bringing a reusable water bottle and filling it up from a drinking fountain at the gate. Bringing your own bottle is often cheaper than buying a bottle at the airport food court. This is one of the best health tips for frequent flyers since air travel tends to dehydrate our bodies.

8. Bring Your Own Snacks

In addition to a water bottle, it’s a good idea to bring along some snacks for yourself. You can eat at the airport, but many people find it’s too expensive and opt to pack chips, cookies or granola bars to eat while waiting. Having extra snacks can also be useful for long flights or if you’re not a fan of airport food.

9. Volunteer to Be Bumped off Your Flight

Sometimes airlines overbook flights and ask for volunteers to take a later flight. If you’re not on a strict schedule, take this little-known frequent flyer advice and volunteer to be bumped off your flight. If you opt to switch flights, you should be aware of what compensation you’re entitled to. You’ll likely end up spending longer to get to your destination, so make sure the compensation is worth the extra time. 

10. Download the Airline’s App

If you worry about whether you’ll miss your flight or any PA announcements about delays, downloading the airline’s app is a good way to ease that stress. Many of these apps provide real-time information for all flights, including any gate changes or delays. 

Words of Advice From a Frequent Flyer

11. Pack Essentials Together in a Smaller Bag

Pack smaller, essential items in a small bag to put in your carry-on for easy access. You can include things like:

  • Mouthwash
  • Medication
  • Portable chargers
  • Your passport
  • Chapstick
  • Gum
  • Anything else you think you’ll need

On the plane, you can remove the bag of essentials to keep with you at your seat. This allows you to stow your carry-on bag in the overhead compartment and eliminate the need to disturb anyone by having to grab necessities from the overhead compartment. 

12. Get a Seat at the Back

Many people dislike getting seats at the back of a plane because the seats are too close to the bathroom or do not recline. However, the back seats are sometimes less crowded for this reason. Opting for a seat near the plane’s rear can come with potential perks like many empty seats to stretch out on.

13. Order a Special Meal

Even if you don’t have dietary restrictions or preferences, you can still opt for a special meal. These meals are often served before the rest of the meals, which means you’ll get your food much quicker — even if you’re sitting at the back of the plane. 

14. Keep Copies of Your Documents

Regardless of whether you’re traveling for a weekend or a few months, it’s always wise to keep digital copies of your important documents on a USB drive. These include copies of your passports, your banking information, scans of your credit cards, copies of any insurance and anything else you deem to be crucial. This way you’ll always have a backup copy of your important information in case yours gets stolen or lost. Be extra safe and make the files encrypted or password-protected so your documents are digitally secured.

15. Take Advantage of Airport Shuttle Services

In the thrill of planning a big trip, you may forget smaller details, like what to do with your car while you’re away. Airports like Boston Logan International have shuttle services that take you from where you parked your car to your terminal and back to your car when you return. This alleviates the pressure of what to do with your car while you’re away, and you won’t have to worry about remembering where you parked when you return from a long trip.


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