Four Tips for Cheap BOS Airport Parking

Why is airport parking so expensive? Because it can be. The owners of onsite, long-term airport parking lots know they’ve got some prime real estate on their hands. They know that, as a busy traveler, you need to drop off your car and get to your flight as soon as possible, and they want you to pay through the nose for the privilege. Logan Airport (BOS) in particular is a busy hub with lots of travelers, so if you’re looking for cheap parking, Logan Airport can present a problem.

But it doesn’t have to. Here are four tips to help you find the best cheap airport parking at Boston Logan Airport.

1. Look for Offsite Parking

If you’re looking for Logan airport parking for less, the first thing you should be looking at is offsite parking. It’s crazy to pay for the “convenience” of onsite parking at Logan Airport. You’re paying $30 or $40 a day if you’re lucky, and that’s if you can even find a spot right away! And it’s not even really more convenient, when you think about it.

A good offsite parking facility, like Park Shuttle & Fly, which has been servicing Logan Airport for over 40 years, is much more convenient. You can reserve or prepay for parking online, show up with your car, give the attendant your flight details and they put you on a shuttle that takes you right to the airport in comfort, no stress involved.

2. Look for Deals and Discounts

Once you’ve found your offsite parking lot, you’ll already appreciate the cheap parking Logan Airport onsite parking lots can’t offer. To reduce that expense even further and really enjoy Logan Airport parking for less, look for offers that can knock down the price even further. This is really easy to do. In fact, you can sign up to be alerted to cheap parking and Logan Airport deals with offers sent right to your inbox by filling out and submitting this simple form.

3. Check the Distance From the Offsite Parking to the Airport

If you’re worried about making your flight at Logan, you’ll probably want the closest offsite parking available. This, again, is Park Shuttle & Fly. In fact, we’re on the right side of the drawbridge, so you’ll never have to sweat lengthy, unnecessary drawbridge delays. We also have a strict ‘No Move Policy‘ so you’re car stays in our secure parking lot 24/7. This isn’t always the case for other offsite airport parking options.

4. Prepay Your Parking

When you prepay your parking, you can potentially get a better rate and save even more time. Don’t worry if your flight is delayed or cancelled — you only pay for the parking you use. To make a reservation now, fill out and submit this reservation form today.