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How It Works

It’s Easy as 1,2,3


  • No carrying luggage from the parking garage to drop off points.
  • No matter what airline you travel, you are always parked in the right place at Park Shuttle & Fly.
  • When you get back to the Boston airport, simply call the phone number on your claim check and a shuttle bus is directed via two way radio to your terminal.


How To Make An Online Parking Reservation

With Park Shuttle & Fly — a family-owned business providing Boston air travelers with parking solutions since 1975 — it’s easy to make a parking reservation for Logan Airport, Boson. We’ve engineered our website to make booking parking reservations a quick, stress-free experience, an extension of our commitment to simplify travel for our customers.

If you’re interested in making a Logan Airport parking reservation for your trip out of Boston, read on to learn how you can book a trip using our online system.


logan airport terminal pick up pointsTo make your Logan Airport parking reservation through Park Shuttle & Fly, follow these steps:

1. Visit our Booking a Reservation page.

2. Enter the dates you’ll be traveling. Then, click the “quote” button.

3. Choose between “standard parking rate” and “optional prepay parking.” Please note that any vehicle larger than a F150 pickup truck may be subject to a double space charge.

4. Once you’ve selected a rate plan, you’ll be prompted to enter contact and vehicle information. You can elect whether you’d like to receive an e-mail receipt following your stay.

5. Once you’ve entered this information, you’ll have the chance to look it over before booking. If everything is correct, hit “book reservation,” and you’re ready to go!

6. After booking your reservation, you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation. With your reservation, you’ll get a link allowing you to view, modify or cancel your reservation.

7. On your travel day, bring a printed copy of your reservation or show the reservation on your smartphone screen to our attendants. They’ll present you with a claim ticket that you’ll need to get your car back once you’ve returned.

8. There is a $5.00 lost ticket fee applied if you do not have your original claim ticket. You will also need to present your driver’s license and a copy of the vehicle registration.

9. When you’ve returned to Boston, call the number on the claim ticket, and we’ll alert our team to pick you up. Proceed to the lower level of the arrival terminal you’ve landed at and find the Courtesy Bus Shelter area. Our shuttle driver will transport you directly to your car.

For even more convenience and to earn points for free parking, join our Rewards program. You’ll be able to keep track of receipts from your reservations for expense-reporting purposes and your personal records.


Park Shuttle & Fly has provided Boston air travelers with a simple parking reservations process for over 40 years. Our customers have applauded our efficient operation and our staff’s emphasis on courteous customer service. We’re one of the only companies that has a strict no-move policy — where you park your car is where it will stay. While all valet cars are moved to parking spots in our lot, we don’t move cars off our lot!

For the most convenient experience, choose the closest parking service to Logan Airport: Logan’s Original Park Shuttle & Fly Since 1975. There’s no need to waste time and stress yourself out trying to find a parking spot when you’ve got a flight to catch. You can even take advantage of our detailing service, which ensures you return to a clean car after your trip.

Book a reservation with our parking service and enjoy seamless travel to and from Boston.