How It Works

It’s Easy as 1,2,3


  • No carrying luggage from the parking garage to drop off points.
  • No matter what airline you travel, you are always parked in the right place at Park Shuttle & Fly.
  • When you get back to the Boston airport, simply call the phone number on your claim check and a shuttle bus is directed via two way radio to your terminal.


It’s a Win-Win Solution.
Here’s a typical Scenario.

Let’s compare two travelers going to Logan. Harry and Jerry are both traveling out at 10 AM on a typical Monday morning,and flying via AMERICAN AIRLINES to anywhereoutthere USA. Coincidentally, both will return on United Airlines the following day at 10 PM

Harry arrives at Park Shuttle & Fly at 8:30 AM and tells the attendant “I’ll be back on Wednesday”. The attendant hands Harry his claim check and directs him where to park. Harry gets on the Shuttle and at 8:45 he walks through the door of AMERICAN AIRLINES for a leisurely walks to his flight.

Meanwhile Jerry drives himself into Logan at 8:30 AM, thinking to himself “it’s not my money, I don’t care about the price”. As he approaches the AMERICAN AIRLINES terminal he notices the price. $35.00 a day. “Oh well, I’m not paying for it anyway” he thinks. As he drives thru the garage looking for a space, he thinks to himself “this place is enormous”. At 8:45, Jerry finds a space in Z level, Picking up his briefcase, laptop computer, and suitcase, Jerry begins the long walk to the terminal. Finally he walks thru the doors of AMERICAN AIRLINES at 9:05. He meets Harry in the coffee shop, where Harry has just finished his second cup. “Was beginning to worry about you, ” says Harry. “GRRRR” says Jerry, “let’s just get to the plane”.

Wednesday at 10 Pm Harry and Jerry arrive at Logan right on time. As they walk thru the terminal Harry uses his cell phone, saying “Hi Park Shuttle & Fly, I’m back at United, My ticket # is 12345,….. Great, see you in a few.”

“Why do you bother with that?” asks Jerry.

“Are you kidding?,” asks Harry. “This is so easy and reliable. I never park in the airport. It’s too frustrating”. As Harry and Jerry walk out the door, Jerry says “Oh there’s my shuttle, see you tomorrow.”

Harry gets back to his car, pays $75.00 for 3 days (Harry IS a smart traveler, he even used the coupon at the Park Shuttle & Fly website when he made his parking reservation).

All the while Jerry is not faring so well. As he walks thru the garage at United he finds a guard and asks” how do I get to this section??”

“Sorry Mister, but you’re in the wrong garage”

“Wrong garage, you gotta be kidding me. How do I get to the RIGHT garage?”

After going back into the terminal, up the escalator, and riding on a seemingly endless moving sidewalk, Jerry arrives at the correct garage. As he is paying $105.00 he dials Harry’s cell phone, but there’s no answer. Jerry decides to leave a message at Harry’s home #.

Jerry is stunned to here Harry answer his phone.

“Boy Harry, you got home quick”.

“Yeah , things went really smoothly; where are you now?”

“Harry, never mind where I am. Just tell me how to PARK SHUTTLE & FLY”