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Parking Rewards Members get one point for each dollar spent on parking. When you’ve accumulated 250 points, you are eligible for one free day of parking. And you can use your free days however you want — use them one at a time or save them to apply to longer stays. It’s that simple!

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How To Register

When you become a Park Shuttle & Fly long-term or frequent Logan Airport customer, you can save money. With our discount and Rewards program, you get more than money-saving benefits — you get convenience, too! Here is how to sign up for our online tracking system, which grants you access to past receipts to download for company expense reports and personal records.

1. Go to the Customer Registration portal
2. Enter your basic contact and vehicle information
3. Choose whether you want to receive receipts via e-mail and opt-in for special offers and promotions
4. Enter payment information
5. That’s it! You can now reserve parking as a Reward Member and earn points.

Once complete, you’ll have access to your profile, which includes your Rewards points and past parking receipts. You’ll be able to add additional vehicles, change your contact information and manage payment sources from this portal. You’ll be able to reserve future trips using the red “reserve parking” button in the upper-right-hand corner of the portal screen. The system will then prompt you to enter the dates of your travel. Once you enter your travel dates, you’ll get a quote for the projected amount it’ll cost. Once your dates are set, you’ll be able to choose which package best suits your needs.

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And Read Our Terms and Conditions

To participate in the Park Shuttle & Fly’s Reward Program, you must agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and all terms incorporated by reference as described below. We value our customer’s trust and are dedicated to providing transparent service and terms. We recommend all customers carefully read our terms and conditions before participating in the rewards program.

If you’re a frequent Park Shuttle & Fly customer or are interested in using our services long term, sign up for our online Rewards program today! As Logan’s Original Park Shuttle & Fly Since 1975, we can offer long-term Logan Airport discount parking sure to meet your Boston air travel needs.

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