Flight Delay Policy

What Happens with Airport Parking If Your Flight is Delayed?

If you’re making Logan Airport parking park-to-fly reservations with Park Shuttle & Fly, you may be concerned about what will happen if your flight is delayed. With Park, Shuttle & Fly, you pay for exactly the amount of parking you use, and we will refund any portion that you do not use. If you end up leaving a day later than expected or return a day earlier and don’t use your parking that day, we will refund that portion to you. Whether you end up using more or less parking than expected, we will recalculate the cost for you so that you pay for exactly the amount of parking you use, no more, no less.

Can I Cancel a Car Reservation if My Travel Plans Change?

Absolutely. Your prepaid parking reservation made through the ParkShuttleFly.com website is 100 percent refundable, so if there’s a change in travel plans, you can cancel your unused prepaid reservation at any time for a full refund. Or, if it’s more convenient, you can modify your existing reservation so it suits your new travel plans through a link we will provide. By the way, although you may prefer to prepay, you can also book a reservation without a prepayment or deposit.

What Happens If My Return Flight Is Delayed?

Booking a reservation guarantees your vehicle a parking space at our facility for the dates listed. We estimate charges based on your expected departure and return dates as you indicate to us. However, your final charge is based on the exact amount of time that you use our parking space. If you prepay and end up overpaying because you spend less time on the lot than anticipated, we will happily refund any excess. Similarly, if your return flight is delayed and you end up using our parking for longer than expected, we will recalculate your fee accordingly.

How Do Third Party Reservations Work?

You can make parking reservations through a third party website like PNF.com, AirportParkingReservations.com or AboutParking.com but if you need to cancel such a reservation you need to do it through that third party. Their refund policies may vary and Park Shuttle & Fly can make no claims or guarantees about refunds for your prepayment reservation through a third party, so if you want the guaranteed protection of a 100 percent refund for unused parking, you must make your reservation through ParkShuttleFly.com.