Security of Off-Site Airport Parking

One of the biggest issues you may have when it comes to off-site airport parking in Boston may be the issue of security. In fact, one of the reasons you may choose to drive to the airport in the first place is so you don’t have to leave your car unattended near your home for long periods of time. However, once you leave your car in the hands of an off-site parking service near Logan Airport, what happens is out of your control. This can be of great concern if you value your vehicle. An unattended vehicle near Logan Airport can be vandalized or stolen, and the current climate connecting terrorist attacks to airports makes the situation even more harrowing.

Park Shuttle & Fly for Top Off-Site Airport Parking Security

If you’re interested in park and fly Boston offsite airport parking for Logan Airport and security is a concern for you, you may be interested in the strict security measures enforced by Park Shuttle & Fly for its off-site parking facility near Logan Airport. The first thing you’ll notice is that the lot is fully fenced and enclosed to keep out unwanted visitors like potential thieves and vandals – but it doesn’t stop there. Park Shuttle & Fly also has brand new security cameras up and running, keeping a close eye over the lot and the cars parked there. What gives Park Shuttle & Fly customers the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to security is the Park Shuttle & Fly No Move policy.

The No Move Policy Explained

The No Move policy is simple. Wherever we park your car is where your car will sit until you come pick it up. Many airport parking lots wait until after you leave, then move your car to make room for the new ones coming in. The longer your car is there, the further out the company could possibly move it. At Park Shuttle & Fly, your car is safe no matter where on the lot we park it. Knowing exactly where it is and where it will stay can go a long way toward your peace of mind. We’ll never move your car off the lot entirely, as some companies might.

The Park Shuttle & Fly Advantage

The Park Shuttle & Fly strong commitment to security is just one of the advantages of using Park Shuttle & Fly for your off-site airport parking in Boston near Logan Airport. Park Shuttle & Fly is very close to the airport, and on the right side of the drawbridge, so you don’t have to deal with drawbridge-related delays. The online reservation process is extremely easy, and it even offers cleaning and detailing services for your car while it’s parked in the lot. Just make the reservation, show up at the appointed time and Park Shuttle & Fly will put your car in its spot and shoot you off to the terminal via shuttle in plenty of time for your flight. To find out more about the convenience, security and value of this service, contact Park Shuttle & Fly today.