The Best Parking Near Logan Airport

If you’re flying out of Boston’s Logan Airport, the most convenient thing to do is find secure airport parking nearby to get a jump on the day and avoid the headache of terminal traffic. The problem is figuring out where to park your car. Options to park and fly in Boston vary, but they may not all have the features you need. Before you make a reservation with a park and fly company near Logan Airport, you should ask yourself: What should I look for to determine the best parking near Logan Airport?


While on-site airport parking has its perks, it also comes at a steep daily price. However, if the right off-site airport parking is close enough, you can be confident you’ll keep to your schedule without the exorbitant prices of parking at the airport. Before making a reservation, make sure your off-site park and fly Boston parking lot is reasonably close to the airport.

The Drawbridge

If you’ve driven through East Boston before, you know that the drawbridge can cause all sorts of problems. When searching for park and fly options, you may find a number of off-site parking locations that are cheap and seem relatively close to the airport – but you have to check which side of the drawbridge they are on. A close parking lot that’s on the wrong side of the drawbridge isn’t very close at all. That drawbridge can cause massive delays, and if you think you’re getting in and out of Logan at a reasonable time, you could be deeply disappointed.

There’s even a Twitter account, @LogantoChelsea, dedicated to recording the openings and closings of the bridge, because it’s gotten so bad. Getting thrown off schedule when you’re trying to make a plane or trying to get somewhere from the airport is not what you want. Park Shuttle & Fly is the closest option for off-site airport parking in Boston. The shuttles run without drawbridge delays due to their convenient location near Logan Airport.


One of the reasons that you drive to the airport is convenience. Another reason may be so you don’t have to worry about leaving your car near your home unattended. Whether this is a factor or not, you want to know your car is safe while you’re not around to keep an eye on it. When you choose a park and fly company, make sure your car will be in a safe location, preferably guarded by top-of-the-line security cameras. Also make sure that the company uses a ‘No Move Policy‘ so that you don’t have to worry about your car being moved to a different location while you’re away. In contrast to the video below, Park Shuttle & Fly ensures that your car stays parked in our secure lot for the duration of your trip.

Reservation Process

Once you’ve got all the basics covered, you’ll want to look for a park and fly service that allows for easy online registration, so you can just go online, book your spot and continue preparing for your trip with one less thing to worry about.

The Top Choice for Park and Fly Boston

Taking all these factors into consideration, your best choice for off-site airport parking is Park Shuttle & Fly. Park Shuttle & Fly is conveniently located at 320 William F. McClellan Highway, on the right side of the drawbridge. There are brand new security cameras patrolling the lot, so you’ll know your car is always safe, and thanks to the Park Shuttle & Fly No Move policy, you’ll know the spot you reserved, the spot your car is parked in, is the spot where it will stay until you come back to pick it up. The online reservation process is quick and easy, and a shuttle will take you right to your terminal once you get there.

For an easy parking solution at Logan, reserve with Park Shuttle & Fly today.