No Move Policy

Park Shuttle & Fly’s No Move Policy for Secure Airport Parking in Boston

One of the concerns you may have when flying out of Logan Airport (BOS) and bringing your car to the airport is safe airport parking. Boston cars may be subject to theft or vandalism just like cars in any other city, and you want to be sure your car is safe when you’re traveling.

If you’re worried about safe parking by Logan Airport in Boston, you may be interested in Park Shuttle & Fly’s strict security measures for its offsite airport parking lot.

park shuttle fly sign at entrance

Park Shuttle & Fly Security Measures for Safe Airport Parking in Boston

In addition to being one of the most convenient ways you can park your car near Logan Airport for your next trip, it’s also one of the safest. Why? Park Shuttle & Fly has a fully fenced and enclosed lot to keep customers’ cars safe and potential thieves and vandals out. Park Shuttle & Fly has just been outfitted with completely new security cameras to ensure safe long-term parking by Logan Airport. These cameras are up and running, keeping a watchful eye over the lot and all the cars within.

The No Move Policy

The No Move Policy is critical to your peace-of-mind. What that means is this: where you park your car is where it stays. Other parking lots wait until you’re gone, then move your car to some other location to make room for new vehicles. That new location may be completely unsecured and there’s no way for you to know. That won’t happen with Park Shuttle & Fly’s offsite parking service.

Safe Long-Term Parking by Logan Airport Tips

If you need to park your car near the airport for your travels, here are a few general safety tips to keep in mind.

1. Make sure to securely lock your vehicle before you leave it in the lot.
2. Do not leave any valuables in the vehicle.
3. Keep your claim check in a safe place. A quality, secure parking lot will not turn your car over without the claim check.
4. Make sure your lot has a strict No Move Policy.
5. Reserve a parking space at for a secure, fenced-in spot that you won’t be moved out of, protected by security cameras and your claim check.